Handmade poseable Galaxy stag SOLD by KaypeaCreations

The Foundation Single Crochet is pretty much my favorite way to do a foundation chain and it’s definitely one of those stitches I think people should be taught early on.

(Source: youtube.com)

filigree blue bird pendant by thebluekraken
Plushie Rasputin 1 by garrenn

Has anyone messed around with the Serif software? I haven’t used any Adobe Software past say, CS4 or 5 so I’m kinda curious how it stacks up to their current line up. Serif has starter editions for all their software so I might download a couple this weekend. I’m particularly interested in the vector program and the html editor. Hmm…

Oh my gosh I’m drafting my own infinity scarf pattern with fdc and bdc and I made the working title “Ribbed for Her Pleasure” and now I can’t stop cracking myself while I’m working on it. So that’s what I’m officially naming it and one can stop me.

Pineapple crochet bag and purse by Ahookamigurumi
Commission 113c by mio27

Ugh, not much progress on a new tumblr theme. I keep messing around with the free ones but nothing is quite what I want I dun wanna make one from scratch blaaaaaaaargh.

Hey folks, you might’ve noticed a little while ago that I changed the domain on this blog from the Tumblr one to just hannahcan.com. Which was originally being using for my personal website but… I am really not the great at coding. Design, yes! Coding, eh. It seemed like a better use of my domain then letting it sit on a half finished website.

So! I’d like to make this blog a bit more of a professional/portfolio type. I have a general idea of what I want themewise. Basically I want is keep a single format for the blog part and have a grid/gallery format for my art pages. I’ve seen a couple of options to use Flickr and such to generate galleries, but I’d really rather not have to maintain another account somewhere else.

I guess my question is if any of you folks know of a theme that lets you do that. Or could point me in the direction of Tumblr versed designers I can pay to do that. (Or if it’s even possible haha. I don’t see why it wouldn’t but I’m not super familiar with Tumblr’s themes.)

Baby Knitted Dragon by opiel16
Nevidal by S-Chainmaille

Busy busy~

My intern job turned into a temp job. Whoo! 

I’ll try to queue some things up for next week. And since we’re off of summer hours maybe I’ll have enough energy to take some pics of my own stuff. :P